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Invitation to Apply for Membership in Spring 2015

The Academy for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (AETL) at the University of Maryland is the outgrowth of a faculty-led initiative to build a community of scholars committed to fostering a culture of excellence in teaching and learning at this research university.  Its mission and goals are described on this web site.

In May 2002, the Academy was launched with 18 members as its inaugural group of  Academy Fellows. AETL is currently soliciting nominations and applications for the new cohort of Academy Fellows.Through their active membership, collective discussions, and collaborative projects, the Fellows will enrich and influence the intellectual discourse on the importance of the scholarship of teaching and learning at our university.


 The active participation and support of faculty and staff is crucial to the success of the Academy.  We invite you to apply for membership in the Academy for Excellence in Teaching and Learning.

All faculty and staff of the University of Maryland with teaching or mentoring responsibilities are eligible for academy membership. Members of the Academy will be selected from university educators who have demonstrated a sustained commitment to the importance of teaching and learning to the educational mission of this research university.  The Academy particularly invites those individuals who have combined their dedication to teaching and learning with an engagement in the process of culture change required for our campus to realize its mission. (http://www.provost.umd.edu/Strategic_Planning/MissionAndGoals2006.pdf)

Contributions to excellence in teaching and learning can manifest themselves in diverse ways. Teaching, in its broadest definition, engages students in a variety of contexts including lectures, demonstrations, seminar discussions, collaborative projects, professional workshops, and community outreach. Applicants can also describe their roles as mentors or advisors to students, or outline their role in creating opportunities for shared learning that go beyond traditional advising.  AETL is particularly interested in each applicant's record of accomplishments in supporting educational excellence on the University of Maryland campus, as well as broader interest in current educational issues debated at the national level. This includes efforts in changing the culture of our campus to move towards dual excellence in knowledge creation and dissemination, consistent with the vision for faculty engagement expounded by the campus leadership.

Terms of Membership
Once an individual is accepted into the Academy, the individual becomes an Academy Fellow and remains an Academy Fellow as long as his or her affiliation with the University of Maryland continues.  For the duration of his or her membership, an Academy Fellow receives all pertinent information disseminated to Academy Fellows, and is invited to all meetings and activities of the Academy.  If an Academy Fellow wishes to be disengaged from the Academy, the Academy Fellow needs to notify the Academy Chair in writing to end his or her term as an Academy Fellow.

Expectations of new Fellows
Membership in the Academy is not merely honorific, but requires active participation. A sense of community among scholars from very different disciplinary backgrounds has been a key strength of the Academy.  Accordingly, Academy Fellows need to make a sustained commitment of time to realizing the goals of the Academy.

Since the new Fellows will join a group of Academy Fellows who are already serving as active members, each new Academy Fellow is expected to play an active role in the activities of the Academy during the next four years.  Expectations include engagement in such activities as serving on committees, organizing meetings, following up on Academy initiatives, and generally engaging in activities of the Academy as articulated in the Mission Statement and the list of activities of the Academy.

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A. Application Process -- General Guidelines


Each applicant is requested to submit a bio-sketch of no more than three pages, a one page letter indicating how the applicant's interests correspond to the mission of the Academy, and a letter of support from the applicant's unit administrator. The letter of support can be sent separately to one of the academy's co-chairs.

B. Contents of the Application Dossier

  1. Bio-sketch (no more than 3 pages)
  2. A personal statement from the applicant addressing the contributions the applicant intends to make to the Academy. The statement may refer to past and present interests of the applicant that are particularly aligned with the goals of the Academy. Applicants should also outline the areas of special interest they might wish to address, or outline projects or initiatives they would like to launch in their role as Academy Fellows.  (Limit: 1 page)
    Note: A current curriculum vitae, is neither required nor requested.
  3. A letter of support from the applicant's unit administrator.

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C. Submission of the Application

Applications must be complete and follow the preceding guidelines to be considered. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

D. Deadline

The deadline for the submission of applications is February 1, 2016.

Send the completed application to either: 

Leah Waks

Academy for Excellence in Teaching and Learning


Kaci Thompson

Co-Chair, Academy for Excellence in Teaching and Learning
College of CMNS

Email: kaci@umd.edu


Questions regarding the application or selection process should be addressed to either of the two individuals named above.

Download the Application Title Page in MS-Word or PDF

Notification Selection Date: February 15, 2016


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