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Bylaws (revised November 21, 2006)

Membership and Terms of Membership

The Academy is a community of scholars firmly committed to providing leadership and energy in advancing the culture of excellence in teaching and learning at the University of Maryland.

Once an individual is accepted into the Academy, the individual becomes an Academy Fellow and remains an Academy Fellow as long as his or her affiliation with the University of Maryland continues.  For the duration of his or her membership, an Academy Fellow receives all pertinent information disseminated to Academy Fellows and is invited to all meetings and activities of the Academy.  If an Academy Fellow wishes to be disengaged from the Academy, the Academy Fellow needs to notify the Academy Chair in writing to end his or her term as an Academy Fellow.

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Eligibility and Selection

All faculty and staff of the University of Maryland with teaching or mentoring responsibilities are eligible for Academy membership. 

The Academy solicits nominations annually, normally during the spring semester.  Each applicant is requested to submit a bio-sketch of no more than three pages, a one-page letter indicating how the applicant’s interests correspond to the mission of the Academy, and a letter of support from the applicant’s unit administrator.   The application process is fully described in the Academy’s website.  

The Provost will be asked to send a letter, accompanied by a formal invitation from the Academy, to all Lilly-CTE Teaching Fellows, Distinguished Scholar-Teachers, and other campus faculty recognized for their outstanding contributions to, or scholarly achievements in teaching and learning at the University level or above, inviting them to submit self-nominations to the Academy.

The selection process will commence with a review of the application by the Membership Selection Committee.  The Membership Selection Committee will determine which applicants will have the Committee’s approval to be sent on to the full membership of the Academy for its approval.

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Expectations of New Fellows

The Academy seeks to add on the order of 10 new Academy Fellows each academic year.  Each new Academy Fellow is notified not only of acceptance into the Academy, but also of the expectation that the new Academy Fellow will play an active role in the activities of the Academy during the next four years.  Expectations include engagement in such activities as serving on committees, organizing meetings, following up on Academy initiatives, and generally engaging in activities of the Academy as articulated in the Mission Statement and the list of Activities of the Academy.

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There will be at least two regular Academy meetings per academic year:  a fall meeting and a spring meeting.  At the fall meeting, the new Academy Fellows will be introduced and the Academy’s agenda set for the academic year.  The spring meeting will address issues such as the election of the Chair (or co-Chairs), approval of new Academy Fellows, the budget, initiatives, and reports, including the report of the Chair (or co-Chairs) on the Academy's activities during the academic year. At meetings of the Academy, a quorum will consist of 10 Academy Fellows. When there is a quorum at such an Academy meeting, then except for changes to these by-laws, a simple majority of those Academy Fellows present is sufficient to pass proposals and motions. Election votes will be by secret ballot if requested by one or more of the Academy Fellows present.  Any Academy Fellow can ask for an email ballot for any proposal except for election of officers.

A special meeting of the Academy may be called by the Chair, either at the Chair’s discretion or by written request to the Chair from five Academy Fellows.  The agenda and date for such a meeting will be communicated to the Academy Fellows at least two weeks in advance of the meeting.

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Officers of the Academy

There will be a Chair (or 2 Co-Chairs), who presides over the meetings of the Academy, takes a leadership role in promoting the activities and initiatives of the Academy, and serves as spokesperson for the Academy in communications with internal and external bodies. The Chair will be elected at the annual spring meeting for a one-year term, and can be re-elected for one additional term.  The finances of the Academy will be managed by the Chair, or an Academy Fellow appointed by the Chair.

Other Academy officers may be created as needed by approval of the Academy Fellows.

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The Academy will rely on committees to conduct certain of its affairs.  The Membership Selection Committee will be a standing committee of the Academy, approved by the Academy Fellows and containing at least three Academy Fellows. Other committees may be appointed by the Chair.

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Amendments to these By-laws may be adopted by a two-thirds vote of the Academy Fellows present at any regular meeting of the Academy at which a quorum is present.

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