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rev. 03/23/07


Status Report Made at Gathering on September 5,2006

Dear Fellows,

Since not everyone could attend the social gathering on 9/5, I am reviewing my status "report" 
from that evening.

1.) Congratulations and welcome to our new Fellows: Ruth Lozner and Mark Varner. Both played an important role in the developmental and early years of AETL.The Academy is very fortunate to have them on board. A third Fellow is seriously considering joining AETL but extenuating circumstances have forced him/her to defer making a decision. Jim Greenberg, subsequently joined the academy.

2.) It was great meeting Barb Jacoby who became a Fellow last year and will be actively engaged this year.

3.)The disappointing news is that Elke will not be able to join our meetings this year since she is in Berlin on a GRB. Joe Redish is on a sabbatical and visiting a number of other universities this year. Charles Butterworth is on sabbatical, as is Ken Conca. However, if their schedules permit, they will try to participate.

4.) AETL's 1st business meeting will be held the week of 9/25, starting at 10:00 am

5.) Jo Paoletti will be leading a roundtable discussion on 10/26 from 12:30-1:30. Her topic : "The implications of a flat world (a la Friedman) on higher education." I will send out announcements regarding this to the campus. Please mark this date and time on your calendar. If you look at the Table of Contents of Friedman's book, you won't find higher education specifically mentioned. I cannot think of anyone more qualifed than Jo to lead this discussion.

6.) A seminar will be given by Joe Redish to a combined AETL/Lilly audience. Although Spencer and I discussed a date, we need Joe's input since he is the one giving the talk. The date is nearly finalized with 10/9 being a strong possibility.

7.) The AETL Web site needs an extreme makeover. At the gathering, I mentioned I had identified a very qualified graduate student who would lead the effort. OIT finally contacted me yesterday regarding the procedure.  I was also notified yesterday that I have been given the services of a Smith Fellow(a very qualified UG to assist). Evan Golub, a current fellow has graciously consented to be a consultant (unpaid of course - the privilege of guiding the team is priceless! ) to the team. So, I will meet with the graduate student, the UG student and Evan to map out the course of action. To me, the Web site is our link to the outside community.

8.) One version of the AETL survey was distributed at one of our meetings last year. Great news: Provost Destler has followed up with money to support one of our findings and this was announced by Chuck Sternheim.




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Agenda for Meeting on 9/25/06

Dear Fellows, 

A "Tentative" Agenda follows with the emphasis being on "Tentative". Although I collaborated with several Fellows regarding the content, I accept full responsibility including the order in which I have listed the items. Furthermore, even though I am not a “current” Fellow and certainly not the Chair of AETL, I am asking that you allow me to moderate this meeting for several reasons including to get the ball rolling.

 Tentative Agenda for 9/25/06

1.) 10:00 Call to order.  

2.) 10:02 -  Introduction of and welcome to new Fellows, Ruth Lozner and Mark Varner, with a brief statement from each of them.

3) 10:10 -  Introduction of other Fellows in attendance (name, affiliation, interest.) Since 13 have indicated they will attend, I ask each Fellow to keep their remarks to one minute or less.

3.) 10:25 - Discussion of and vote on motion to extend until June 2007 the terms of those Fellows whose terms have expired. Only those Fellows who are current members are eligible to vote. If the motion carries, Fellows whose terms have expired must opt in for the extension to apply. If the motion carries and a Fellow opts in, privileges start immediately.  

4.) 10:40 – Report by task force on “Time Limits, Responsibilities, Roles and Privileges” of all Fellows with emphasis on those currently classified as “former.” The current task force is: Don, Denny, Evan and Frank. Although our task force has not met, we are seeking the sentiment from all Fellows on this issue besides those comments received via email.

5.) 10:55 - Election of AETL Officers for the 2006-2007 AY. Even if the current Fellows vote to extend the time limits of myself and others, I am not automatically the Chair of AETL for the 06-07 AY.

Would I like to continue for this AY? We can discuss that at the meeting. In the past, there was one instance where we had co-chairs for one AY. Is this a viable model? If you want the Academy to be the poster child of what a campus organization should be and if want us to be action-oriented, then I believe we have a valid argument for co-chairs, provided the co-chairs work well together. The topic of should there be co-chairs and who will be the chair/co-chairs for the 06-07 AY needs to be determined at this meeting; otherwise, any ongoing momentum is lost.

This is not a year where we want to flounder. Candidates can self-nominate or be nominated.

If you want to self nominate, merely send me an email to that effect prior to the meeting.

At the meeting, I will merely say, “XYZ has been nominated to serve as Chair” or “XYZ has been nominated to serve as Co-Chair” I will not disclose how you were nominated.

I have not received any interest in the position of Executive Secretary. Unless that occurs prior to or at Monday’s meeting, I recommend that the position go unfilled for this AY. The continuation of the position of Executive Secretary should also be considered by the task force mentioned in (4). Since, most likely, there will be no Executive Secretary, this strengthens the case for co-chairs. However, we definitely need minutes. One suggestion was that the Fellows could serve as a scribe on a rotating basis.  I am not in favor of this. It did not work well in the past. Furthermore, the Fellow serving as a scribe cannot be an active participant in the meeting. Another suggestion was to record the meetings and use this to prepare the minutes. I have reservations about this. At many meetings, a Fellow has said “What I am about to say is not for the record.” Even if the written record excludes the comment, the recorded comment remains unless special precautions are made to delete forever the recorded version. There are no guarantees this will happen.

Even though there is no official position of Treasurer. I certainly appreciate Denny’s efforts in this role. However, I recommend that the duties of treasurer be the responsibility of the chair/co-chairs. One reason is that UG Studies, where AETL’s account is housed, wants the Chair to provide estimates of and the actual expenses.

I also recommend that elections in future AY’s be held in March. This will give new Fellows time to know the other Fellows and provide for a smoother transition from the current officers to the new officers.

6.) 11:25 – Status on Todd and Joe’s project. 

7.) 11:45 - Request for possible themes for AETL to embrace for this AY.

8.) 11:50 – New Business for next meeting.

9.) 11:55 - Call for adjournment

Everyone has the right to discuss this agenda or any item on it with any or all Fellows. However, I ask that you wait until the meeting to promote full and active participation.  

If there is an item that is not listed, please email me and I will see what I can do.

Over the course of the weekend, I will be sending out several more emails. I believe most of these are for informational purposes.

If you send me an email and I do not respond for several hours, please be patient. Since I teach on Saturdays at the part-time MBA program in DC, I need quite a few hours this afternoon to prepare a test and lecture to follow. On Saturday, I leave my house in Columbia at 6:00 am to make sure I get to DC at the Ronald Regan building on time since there are numerous events early Saturday which use the RRB as the staging area. I usually get back to CP around 3:00.

Thank you for your consideration.



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Minutes from Meeting on September 25, 2006 

Present: Frank Alt, Todd Cooke, Evan Golub, Denny Gulick, Barbara Jacoby, Don Langenberg, Ruth Lozner, Cindy Martin, Jo Paoletti, Greg Staley. [Carol Cron (Program Manager, Smith Business School) took minutes]. 

Meeting called to order at 10:10am, in the Dean's Conference Room in the Smith School of Business. 

Items of note:

1. Ruth Lozner was welcomed as a new member of the Academy. 

2. A motion was introduced to extend the term by one year of those Fellows whose terms had already expired (if they wished to do so).  The motion was passed unanimously. 

3. Next was a discussion of time limits of membership in, and expectations of members of, AETL. A special task force will address these issues and is expected to report to AETL at the next meeting. 

4. This was followed by the election of officers. After brief discussion, it was decided that there be two co-chairs this year. Frank Alt and Denny Gulick were elected as co-chairs.  The office of executive secretary will be unfilled this year. 

5. Todd Cooke commented on his and Joe Redish's project concerning potential curriculum changes for biology majors.  The project is still in the formative stage and has the support of the Academy but won't need funding from the Academy as yet. 

6. Under new business, Don Langenberg led a discussion of the Spellings Commission Report relative to a government plan for higher education, and a major response by several important educational organizations.  He will  be sending to you information related to this report, including the targeted issues that are deemed important (or crucial) for universities presently and in the coming years – such as improving learning by utilizing new knowledge and instructional techniques, increasing the international experience for students, and accountability for educational outcomes. It was proposed that this theme be one of the AETL focal points. 

7. Finally there was a brief discussion centering around the types of meetings AETL should have: intellectual developmental meetings, roundtable lunch meetings, business meetings, etc. It was decided to keep business meetings to a minimum. 

The meeting adjourned at 12:05pm. 

I hope that I have not distorted any of the items of the meeting, nor have I omitted anything that was considered to be important. Note that Frank not only ably led the meeting throughout but also kept us focused on the important issues. 

Best wishes,


October 1, 2006

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Minutes from Meeting on November 16, 2006

Prior to today’s meeting, a subgroup consisting of Frank Alt, Evan Golub, Don Langenberg and
Denny Gulick met on October 31, 2006 to construct a proposed revision. That initial meeting led
to extensive communication among the members of the subgroup. The revised Bylaws was
distributed to the Fellows for input. This was followed by a number of suggested modifications.
The actual meeting regarding the revised Bylaws was on 11/16/06 starting at 11:30am.

Present: Frank Alt, Arjang Assad, Evan Golub, Jordan Goodman, Frances Gulick, Denny Gulick, Don Langenberg, Cindy Martin, and Greg Staley. Note: several fellows had to leave early.

Those Fellows who were able to attend the Academy meeting discussed the most recent draft of the by-laws. The meeting on Bylaws was interrupted to allow for the seminar by Cindy Martin on “International Education: What is it and why does it matter?” from 12:30-1:30 pm. At this time, the meeting on Bylaws resumed.

At the present time, there has been general approval of the current rendition of the by-laws by 8 of the 9 attending the meeting last week.  However, one Fellow abstained because he/she wanted to see the final version after the proposed changes had been included.

I am sending to the full membership of the Academy by attachment the current rendition of the by-laws.  A majority of the membership has indicated either support for it, or has given a proxy in lieu of attendance at the meeting last week.

I hope that you are comfortable with the current version.  If there is something that needs to be addressed, we would want to hear it.  However, several of us feel that we are anxious to move on with the intellectual activities of the Academy -- including the forthcoming session on the Future of Higher Education to be led by Don Langenberg on December 5, 2006.

Best wishes,


November 21, 2006 






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