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Mission Statement (revised November 21, 2006)

The Academy for Excellence in Teaching and Learning at the University of Maryland is a community of scholars committed to fostering a culture of excellence in teaching and learning at this research university.

The mission of the Academy for Excellence in Teaching and Learning at the University of Maryland (hereafter called the Academy) is to:

  • Interact with the campus and external communities on a broad range of issues pertaining to teaching and learning, and serve as an advisory body to the Provost and the campus leadership.
  • Promote and undertake scholarly dialogues, innovative projects, and critical studies that contribute to improved undergraduate and graduate teaching and learning on our campus.
  • Seek opportunities to communicate and collaborate with organizations and institutions that share the Academy’s commitment to educational excellence and scholarship.

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To achieve its mission, the Academy will engage in the following activities.

1. Organize campus forums on university-wide issues on teaching and learning and disseminate the results and findings of such forums.

2. Act as a resource for addressing broad issues on teaching and learning brought to it by the campus community.

3. Enhance the visibility of and recognition for teaching and learning as key scholarly endeavors within the academic environment.

4. Collaborate with the Teaching and Learning Transformation Center (TLTC; formerly Center for Teaching Excellence) in fostering those of TLTC’s programs that correspond with the mission and activities of the Academy.

5. Develop research proposals and structure projects related to the enhancement of teaching and learning or the enrichment of courses. Assist in the solicitation of external and internal funding for such proposals and projects where appropriate.

6. Identify, support and help develop campus-wide mechanisms to guide and support early-career faculty and graduate teaching assistants on their paths of development as scholar-teachers.

7. Assist the campus in addressing current trends or emerging issues in the educational environment and create proactive planning mechanisms to address these issues and their prospective impact on the campus (such as changes in student demographics or the use of adjunct faculty).

8. Encourage application for membership in the Academy by members of the University of Maryland campus who appear to be worthy of membership in the Academy and have interests in common with the Academy's mission.


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